10 Benefits of Living in a PG near Delhi University

10 Benefits of Living in a PG near Delhi University

Whether you’re just starting your journey as a college student or you’re already deep into your studies,university life is a unique and exciting experience.Especially if you’re leaving your hometown for the first time and moving to a new city for university is a significant transition. Moving to Delhi University can be an exciting yet challenging experience. Living near Delhi University, in the vibrant neighborhoods of North and South campus, offers a unique and enriching experience. These areas are bustling with student activity and provide a blend of academic and social life.One popular option is staying in a Paying Guest (PG) accommodation.Here are 10 Benefits of Living in a PG near Delhi University.

PG in Saket

1. Close Proximity to Campus

One major advantage of Living in a PG near Delhi University is the proximity to the campus. A PG near Delhi University means being close to your college and saving a significant amount of travel time and cost.The convenience of being near campus extends beyond saving time. It also facilitates greater involvement in college activities. Whether it’s attending early morning lectures, staying late for study sessions, or participating in events of the society club.

2. Affordable Living

It involves making cost-effective choices that allow for a comfortable and sustainable stay without financial strain. PG accommodations are often more affordable than renting an entire apartment. In a PG, all the basic utilities are included with the monthly rentals which enables the students to manage their finances in a better manner. Such as UniLiv PG, a PG in south campus Delhi can be one of the finest choices for the students of south campus colleges,as they provide facilities like 4 times meals, fully furnished rooms, WiFi, water and electricity, Laundry as well as Housekeeping.

3. Convenient Lifestyle

A convenient lifestyle in a PG accommodations involves comprehensive amenities that simplify daily living. Amenities like meals plans, laundry, study
spaces and common spaces offer convenience so that without any hustle and bustle a student can meet their daily needs.These amenities are designed to cater specifically to student needs, making life more manageable and enjoyable.

4. Furnished Accommodation

The primary advantage of furnished accommodation is that it is ready-to-move-in. Furnished accommodations ensure cost-effectiveness, flexibility and enhanced living conditions. This setup includes essential items such as beds, study tables, chairs, and wardrobes, which is particularly designed for the students so that they can focus on their academic and personal growth without the distractions and burdens of setting up a home from scratch.

PG near Delhi University

5. Immediate Participation

Immediate participation in reference to the students means being able to attend classes, lectures, and seminars without the constraints of long commutes.Living in a PG near Delhi University ensures students to engage promptly and effectively in various academic, social and extracurricular activities without significant barriers or delays.

6. Time Management

Effective time management begins with prioritization.Moving to a new city poses significant challenges, compounded by the rigorous academic demands of Delhi University. Managing studies while residing in an individual apartment adds further complexities. Therefore, opting for a PG accommodation is optimal for students. PG in south campus Delhi and north campus provides all the essential amenities for their residents.

7. Cultural Exposure

Delhi University is a hub where diverse people take admission belonging from diverse cultures within the country and outside the country. The cultural exposure at Delhi University goes beyond academic learning, referring to the opportunity for individuals to engage with and learn from diverse cultural practices, beliefs, traditions, and perspectives. PG’s like UniLiv PG, provide opportunities for interaction and engagement, fostering a sense of belonging and inclusivity within the guest community. Hosting the community building events like UniLabs and Career Fairs by bringing in experts of various fields for the benefit of the students.

8. Comprehensive Housing

Comprehensive housing refers to residential accommodations that offer a complete package of amenities like meals, shared facilities, furnished rooms, fixed monthly expenses services, and features to meet various needs of residents. Hostels in Delhi University and PG near Delhi University offer students the comprehensive housing system, supported by inclusive of a vibrant community atmosphere.

9. Safety and Security

Safety and security are paramount considerations for students. PG near Delhi University and hostels in Delhi University often have security measures in place, such as CCTV cameras, security guards and secure entry systems.

10. Nurturing Surroundings

Nurturing surroundings at Delhi University for both PG in south campus Delhi and in north campus Delhi encompass a supportive community, academic excellence, access to resources like – groceries store, libraries, research facilities and digital resources that enhance academic exploration and innovation.


Choosing to live in a PG near Delhi University for proximity, affordability, safety and community support. Whether North or South Campus, PG accommodations enrich your university experience with convenience and comfort tailored to students needs.