Healthy Living in Pg in Delhi University: Nutrition and Wellness Efforts

Healthy Living in Pg in Delhi University: Nutrition and Wellness Efforts

Delhi University is a place where multiple dreams take shape and come true. Receiving a crowd from all over India, It is considered to be the most prestigious university in the entire north India.When you are living away from home, running to achieve a lot in that short amount of time, your health and wellness becomes least of your priority. Hence, you need a homely place to remind you that it’s okay to take a break and take care of yourself. Here we are Uniliv Maple a pg in delhi university to help you go miles and achieve more and more everyday while keeping the balance. As we thoroughly believe that health is wealth.

Nutritious Food

It becomes highly significant to eat the best food to life the best life. At our pg in south campus we try to provide you with healthiest food. We certainly believe that Indian food carries all the required nutrients. Our communal dining hall provides residents with the healthy and most delicious food out there. We provide 4 meals a day. Our meals include breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner. Uniliv tries to foster a family like environment. We have faith in the saying ‘a family that eats together stays together’. Our dining hall has a seating of over 50+ individuals. Residents at Uniliv enjoy all their homely meals here.

Gardens and Basketball Courts at our pg in delhi University

As a pg in delhi university we are more than thrilled to stay true to our idea of trying to provide the best. We took it seriously when we had the thought to provide, the spaces for physical movement as  well. Uniliv built a beautiful little garden in pg premises. We also installed a basketball court for you to live your life fully. We encourage our residents to take full advantages of these facilities that we provide. Our motive is to promote over-all wellness and physical exercise is an integral part of it.

Chill- Out corners

Your mental wellness is to be given equal importance. We care about it as well as have taken actions to provide you with the resources.We understand taking responsibility of your own self suddenly can become extremely overwhelming. New place, new life constantly here and there in fast bustling city. We know you’ll need a quiet and calm space to take a break at. Hence, we created the chill-out corners. The perfect spots to relax it.

Community activities at PG in Delhi University

Humans are social animals and uniliv believes that. That’s why priorotize your social wellness too. Our community activities like festival celebrations and interactive workshops will never make you feel alone. These things are to encourage a safe and inclusive environment for all. As a pg in south campus, an area that promotes certain lifestyle we try to promote a homely environment. We want you to grow, build a family and a home away from home.


Uniliv Maple, a prominent PG in Delhi University, embraces the dreams of students from across India. Recognized as the apex university in North India, we understand the challenges of pursuing ambitions far from home. Hence, we prioritize your well-being. With nutritious meals served four times a day in a communal dining hall, we foster a familial atmosphere. We offer gardens and a basketball court for physical activity, along with tranquil chill-out corners to support your mental wellness. Engage in our community activities, reinforcing a sense of belonging and a home away from home.