How is Uniliv the best pg in south campus?

How is Uniliv the best pg in south campus?

Finding the perfect place to stay while studying in South Campus, Delhi is a task in itself. With multiple options available, it’s higly significant to locate a place that not only offers a comfy home but also supports your academic, Social  and personal growth. Here we will explore why Uniliv should be on the top of your list when it comes to the best PG in South Campus Delhi. The place perfectly curated as per the needs of students like you.

A Fantastic Location

Uniliv is like a honestly the most safe and reliable space situated in the heart of South Campus, Delhi. It’s incredibly convenient for students attending colleges of Delhi University. Gargi College, and Lady Shri Ram College are incredibly closer to our location. Imagine just living  exponentially close from your classes, libraries, and college campus. Uniliv’s location makes life easy, sparing you of those long, tiring commutes.

Modern Comforts at our best pg in south campus delhi

At Uniliv, comfort isn’t just a word; it is how we live . Your room is your heaven complete with warm beds, a beautiful study area that you can personalize, ample storage, and lightning-fast Wi-Fi. It’s designed to make your stay enjoyable and productive, offering the comforts of home. How can we forget that Unliv rooms have attached washrooms and balconies.

Safety First

Safety is on the top of our priority at Uniliv. We’ve enabled hi-tech security systems, including CCTV cameras, secure entry points, and vigilant security personnel round the clock. Your well-being is of utmmost importance. We want you to focus on your studies and feel secure in your surroundings.

Delectable Meals at Best pg in delhi university

Uniliv takes care of your nutritional needs with our kitchen and dining hall. Our skilled chefs are no less than master- chefs. They prepare a variety of nutritious and mouthwatering dishes. Whether you have dietary preferences or special requirements, we will take care of it. No need to worry about what’s for dinner – it’s always a treat!

A Thriving Community

Living at Uniliv means being a part of a vibrant and diverse community of students. You’ll make new friends, share experiences, and participate in social and cultural activities. This sense of belongingness enriches your college experience and contributes to your personal growth.

Professional Cleaning

A clean living space is necessary for a conducive environment. Uniliv has professional housekeeping staff who ensuring that common areas and your rooms are kept neat and clean. No worries about cleaning – we’ll make sure you don’t have any dust around you.


Uniliv isn’t just a PG; it’s your home away from home in South Campus, Delhi. With its unbeatable location, top-quality amenities, safety measures, delicious meals, academic support, and a welcoming community, Uniliv stands out as the best PG option. Choosing Uniliv means setting yourself up for success in college while enjoying a comfortable and enriching living experience. Say goodbye to the stress of PG hunting and make the smart choice by choosing Uniliv as your home in South Campus.