Pros and cons of staying in a paying guest

Pros and cons of staying in a paying guest

One of the most well-liked options for lodging while pursuing a profession or academic endeavour is to book a paying guest (PG) room. When you stay somewhere as a paying guest, the owner of the home rents you a room or a section of their home. Students and young professionals seeking economical, practical, and secure lodging frequently choose this sort of lodging. However, there are advantages and disadvantages to staying in a paying guest, just as with any other type of lodging. In this blog, we will explore some of these pros and cons and help you decide if staying in a paying guest is the right option for you.


Affordable – The affordability of staying in a paying guest is one of its most important benefits. It is relatively less expensive to stay in a paying guest than it is to rent a room elsewhere. For young professionals or students on a limited budget seeking for affordable housing, it is a fantastic option.

Convenient – Staying in a paying guest is convenient because most of the essential amenities are already included in the rent. For example, you don’t have to worry about paying separate bills for electricity, water, or internet. Additionally, most PGs also provide basic services like cleaning and laundry.

Safe – There are a lot of paying visitors in secure and safe neighbourhoods. The majority of the time, landlords have security precautions in place to guarantee the protection of their renters. When you are away from home, this may help you feel secure and at ease.

Furnished rooms – Most PGs come with furnished rooms, which means you don’t have to worry about buying or transporting furniture to your new home. This convenience can be especially helpful for those who are moving to a new city for a short period.

Basic amenities – Basic services like Wi-Fi, meals, and laundry are offered by PGs. You can concentrate on your academics or work because you won’t have to worry about cooking or washing laundry.

Socializing- You can meet new people and establish friends by staying in a PG. This can be very useful for people who are strangers in a new city.


Lack of privacy: One of the biggest drawbacks of staying in a PG is the lack of privacy. Most PGs offer shared rooms, which means you have to share your living space with someone else. This can be a problem for those who value their privacy.

Rules and regulations – Curfews and visiting limitations are two examples of the tight rules and regulations that are common in PGs. For individuals who like more freedom and flexibility, this can be an issue.

Quality of services – The level of services provided by PGs can differ substantially. For people who depend on these amenities, certain PGs might not offer high-quality food or laundry services.

Limited space – PGs frequently have a limited amount of space, so you might not have enough room to store all you own. For people who need a specialized workspace or have a lot of belongings, this may be an issue.


Staying in a paid guest house offers benefits and drawbacks. For young professionals and students looking for safe and secure housing, it offers an economical and practical solution. However, it might not be appropriate for everyone, particularly for people who cherish their independence and privacy. Boys and girls can stay in paid accommodations at Uniliv, and we are sensitive to their needs. We want to give our residents the independence and privacy they require while still giving them a cosy and secure atmosphere. Consider Uniliv Stay if you’re seeking for a paying guest somewhere to stay.