Tips for Handling Common Issues in girls pg near iit delhi

Tips for Handling Common Issues in girls pg near iit delhi

We keep saying that living away from home is not easy. Especially when you get admission in a school as great as IIT Delhi. It is understandable, with studies being so strenuous you do not wish to indulge into petty issues with roommates or not have a clean place to come back to. After a long day all you seek is a day of peace. Let us help you. Uniliv brings you solutions for handling common issues in girls pg near iit delhi.

Safety First:

Your safety should be your first priority. Make sure the PG has reliable security measures like CCTV cameras and secure entry points, and get to know the responsible warden. Uniliv Homes have 24/7 CCTV  surveillance and security guards to ensure your safety.

Set Clear Expectations: girls pg near IIT delhi

It’s crucial to have open communication with the PG owner or manager regarding rent, amenities, and any house rules. Keep everything documented to prevent misunderstandings later on. We at uniliv care about our residents and keep all the formalities very clear. We also understand how significant it is for women of today to claim their independence and hence, we have no in-time for residents over 18.

Hygiene and Cleanliness:

A clean and hygienic living space is essential for your well-being. Regularly tidy up your room and shared areas. If cleanliness is an issue, don’t hesitate to raise it with management.  Uniliv takes care of their residents and have cleaners and caretakers to execute things.

Shared Spaces Etiquette: girls pg near iit delhi.

Respect your roommates’ personal space and boundaries. Establish common-sense rules for shared areas like the kitchen and bathroom to maintain harmony. Uniliv does everything to play catalyst with room mates’ relationship growth.

Security of Personal Belongings:

Protect your valuables by using a lockbox or securing them. This will protect you from theft and ensure your peace of mind.

Internet and Connectivity:

Stable internet is a lifeline for your studies. If you encounter connectivity problems, report them promptly to the PG manager for resolution. Uniliv has made sure our residents get all the modern amenities including high speed internet.

Conflict Resolution: girls pg near iit delhi.

If you find yourself in conflicts with roommates or the PG owner, approach them calmly and discuss the issues constructively. Effective communication can often resolve problems.

Local Support Network:

Building a support network of friends in the area is invaluable. Having people you can turn to for advice or assistance can make your PG experience even more enriching We make sure you have that by conducting seminars and through Uniliv community space  like our dining hall.


Living in a girls’ PG near IIT Delhi is a significant chapter in your life. While it comes with its fair share of challenges, these tips will help you navigate them with confidence. Keep the lines of communication open with your PG mates and management, and you’ll not only overcome common issues but also make the most of your time in this vibrant and dynamic environment. If you choose uniliv we’ll make sure you get each of the things that you seek and desire in a fruitful life.