Uniliv: A Haven for South Campus Girls – Where Comfort Meets Culinary Delight

Uniliv: A Haven for South Campus Girls – Where Comfort Meets Culinary Delight

Finding the perfect accommodation during your college years is a crucial aspect of ensuring a memorable and comfortable student life. For girls in South Campus, Delhi, the search for the ideal PG (Paying Guest) often involves considering factors beyond just a place to stay. Uniliv, a leading girls’ PG in the heart of South Campus, not only offers a secure and homely environment but also takes pride in providing delicious and nutritious meals that cater to the diverse tastes of its residents.

Location and Accessibility:

Situated strategically in close proximity to the bustling colleges of South Campus, Uniliv ensures that its residents have easy access to educational institutions like Lady Shri Ram College, Jesus and Mary College, and Gargi College. This makes it a convenient choice for those seeking accommodation that complements their academic journey.

Comfortable Living Spaces:

Uniliv is committed to providing a safe and comfortable living environment for its residents. The PG offers well-furnished rooms with modern amenities, creating a space where students can unwind and focus on their studies. The rooms are designed to strike a balance between functionality and aesthetics, ensuring a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

Nutrient-packed Culinary Experience:

What sets Uniliv apart is its dedication to providing a wholesome culinary experience for its residents. The in-house kitchen is managed by skilled chefs who curate a diverse menu, offering a mix of regional and continental cuisines. The emphasis is not just on taste but also on nutritional value, ensuring that the meals contribute positively to the well-being of the students.

Variety in Dining:

Uniliv understands the importance of catering to individual tastes and dietary preferences. The menu is thoughtfully crafted to include vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, ensuring that every resident has a satisfying dining experience. The girls can look forward to daily changing menus that add an element of excitement to their meals.

Community and Social Spaces:

Beyond the comfortable living spaces and delectable meals, Uniliv fosters a sense of community. Common areas and recreational spaces provide residents with opportunities to socialize, unwind, and build lasting friendships. The PG organizes events and activities to create a vibrant community where everyone feels welcome.

Safety and Security:

Uniliv prioritizes the safety and security of its residents. With round-the-clock security and strict access controls, parents can rest assured that their daughters are in a secure environment. The staff at Uniliv is trained to respond promptly to any concerns, creating a reassuring atmosphere for the residents.


Choosing the right PG is an integral part of a student’s college journey, and Uniliv goes above and beyond in meeting the unique needs of South Campus girls. From comfortable living spaces to a delightful culinary experience, Uniliv provides a holistic environment that supports both academic and personal growth. For those seeking more than just a place to stay, Uniliv stands as a testament to the perfect blend of comfort and culinary delight.