Uniliv: A PG in South Delhi  promoting inclusivity

Uniliv: A PG in South Delhi promoting inclusivity

Differentiation and Distinction are two different things. Even though having a distinct identity is crucial, it is even more crucial to have an accepting and inclusive approach toward everyone. Uniliv is not just a pg in south Delhi but a house that is all about harboring a community that is all-inclusive and growth-oriented. We are trying to contribute as much as we can in creating an environment that is friendly for all.

Cultural Events

Uniliv appreciates all cultures and religions. The one thing we try to do is celebrate festivals from all cultures together at our homes. We have beautiful spaces where we can perform all the festivities. For our ever-growing community, we understand that living away from home is difficult and not being able to visit home during festivals makes you miss home even more. That’s why we do this, celebrate all the festivals together. This way people get to know each other better their backgrounds and rituals.

Community Building Events

Uniliv understands that we all need a sense of belongingness. Hence we organize multiple community-building events. These events usually include seminars and workshops on various topics. Here our residents get the opportunity to connect with each other based on their shared interests. These events promote personal as well as communal growth. A pg in delhi university is not the title we seek. We seek the title of a home away from home where we help you grow as an individual as well as a community.

Dining Area with Communal Seating

A family that eats together stays together and that is what we intend to promote. We want to help you create a chosen family that stays with you for a long time to come. Starting with the communal dining hall. Our dining hall has a seating of over 50 plus where you can eat our deliciously prepared homely meals. The dining table conversations are what make life away from home a little easier.

Our lawns and basketball Court

We have communal spaces like lawns and basketball courts where you can bond without interruptions like cell phones. You can walk together and form friendships the traditional way. A healthy competition has never hurt anyone so, you can have basketball matches on the courts.


To conclude, uniliv is a place that aims to bring people together, bridging the gap between cultures, occupations, and ages. We all intend to create something extraordinary through this initiative. We want to break misconceptions of people towards people from different cultures and walks of life. Making people aware of the beauty of unity in diversity is uniliv‘s motive. We understand each of you. We understand the value of belongingness.