Uniliv Maple- A PG Near Gargi College for Women

Uniliv Maple- A PG Near Gargi College for Women

Supporting young women is not just  what we do, it is what are known for. We dearly appreciate the women with ac acedemic dreams and hence, are trying our very best to provide the best on our part. Uniliv beleieves that a country that is half made of women deserves more women leaders. We would love to play our part in doing that. Our Maple home is one such effort that we have made. A pg near gargi college for women , Uniliv Maple is much more than that. It is a home away from home.

Safe and Secure, women friendly living spaces.

Uniliv Maple is a fully furnished pg for girls is in one of the safest localities of south Delhi. Starting from 3 seater rooms, we have accommodations that suit your needs. Our PG has 24/7  CCTV surveillance. The place is located in a gated colony. It also has security guards.

Nutritional food and communal dining hall

Uniliv Maple offers you food that is not only full of all the nutrients but is full of flavour as well. We cook and serve fresh food in our commmunal dining hall. The dining hall has over 50+ seating. This is the place where you can meet and conversate with people from all walks of life.

A Community of like minded women

We at Uniliv Maple are trying to enable an environment that is all about you and your fellow women. Women who lead the the world. We at our pg near gargi college for women celebrate all the festivals together. These women who come from varied cultures find their touch of home in these. Not only that, we also conduct interactive and growth oriented workshops. These workshops helps in understanding and bonding amongst the residents. Women who want to live their dreams , live at Unliv Maple.

The Everlasting feeling of  ‘Sisterhood’.

Women who lead stand together. Women who are learning to lead just around those. Uniliv Maple deliberately focuses on keeping that wave of sisterhood alive amongst the residents. Our tries become successful when women from our pg in Delhi university carry forward the legacy of standing up for themselves and becoming who they were meant to become.


Uniliv is keen on empowering young women, and this commitment is our defining trait. We deeply value aspiring female academics and are resolute in offering them exceptional support. At Uniliv, we believe that a nation comprising half women deserves a greater number of women leaders, and we aspire to play a pivotal role in fostering this transformation. Uniliv Maple, situated near Gargi College  exemplifies our unwavering dedication.

Uniliv Maple fosters a community of like-minded women, celebrating festivals together and organizing enriching workshops that promote bonding and growth. We nurture a lasting sense of sisterhood, aiming for our residents to stand united as leaders. Our success lies in women from our Delhi University PG carrying forward the legacy of self-empowerment and realizing their true potential. Join Uniliv Maple to embark on a journey of empowerment and sisterhood