What are the benifits of Choosing a Girls Pg near Malviya Nagar, Delhi?

What are the benifits of Choosing a Girls Pg near Malviya Nagar, Delhi?

As a student, it gets difficult to decide where to be when it comes to living in a bustling city like Delhi. With numerous living options, it can get confusing and as a student, you have to think of your budget too. Let us introduce you to an area where you can have it all. Get a budgeted place as well as live a life of comfort and luxury. Malviya Nagar, New Delhi. There are several benefits of choosing girls Pg near Malviya Nagar, New Delhi. Here we go listing a few.

Surrounded by posh areas

Malviya Nagar as a locality is completely safe and sound. The area actually falls among the posh areas of South Delhi. It has several other posh areas close to it as well like Hauz Khas, Panchsheel, Saket, and Push Vihar. It is more and more about what you surround yourself with when it comes to growth and evolution. Choosing the right living space is clearly important.

Multiple Book Cafes In The Area

For somebody who loves books then this area called Malviya Nagar is heaven.  Malviya Nagar has multiple book cafes and what better than a perfect cup of coffee to compliment the book of your choice? Seeking a pg near Malviya Nagar is not that hard. You can find our beautiful living space called Uniliv Oak. It is a Pg in Saket and we provide easy access to all these cute boutique book cafes in Malviya Nagar.

Paradise for Food Lovers

Although you’ll love the food that you’ll get at Uniliv In Saket, just to let you know Malviya Nagar is the perfect destination for Restaurant hopping. This area houses multiple restaurants that serve food that is not only delicious but also originates from various cultures. You could Check out places like Plats, EVOO- Eatery and Pizzeria, Nomad Pizza, Pema’s, Oodles Noodles, Pudding & Pie, The Oriental Wok, Honey & Dough, etc.

Multiple Tourist Attractions, benefits of PG near Malviya Nagar

One Of the major benefits of Pg near Malviya Nagar is that you get easy access to multiple tourist attractions. Places like The Iskon Temple and The Lotus Temple are in this area only. So, living around an area that houses such places in itself is a fascinating thing.

Uniliv Oak, Girls Pg Near Malviya Nagar

Uniliv Oak is a perfect place to live in. It is a girls pg that is near Malviya Nagar. The accommodation is just 300 meters away from Malviya Nagar Metro station. Based in this posh locality of Saket, Uniliv Oak is a home away from home for people living here. We have fully furnished rooms with an attached balcony and washroom. We are a cost-effective solution. Providing more than just living space we are trying to build a community of people who are ready to build a safe space that is inclusive of everyone out there. To Conclude Choosing Uniliv Oak fulfills all the criteria you might seek while looking for a PG near Malviya Nagar.