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learn, build and become

Lab is a place where we  explore,experiment and discover new things. Inspired by this idea we created UniLabs for you. Where you can discover new verticals of life, business and leadership.

led by professionals

UniLab is bringing to you an exclusive opportunity to explore Entrepreneurship , knack your creative brains , unleash the leader in you and explore your most diverse qualities.

for residents of uniliv

This will be an extraordinary opportunity for residents who dare to tread off the beaten path – an invitation to embark on a journey like no other. 

led by professionals

UniLab is bringing to you an exclusive opportunity to explore Entrepreneurship , knack your creative brains , unleash the leader in you and explore your most diverse qualities.
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Attendance Criteria: To successfully pass our investment criteria participants must maintain an attendance record of at least 85%. We believe that consistent engagement is key to your growth.                       

Time Commitment: 13 hrs per week

key commitments

Workshop and Fair Calendar:
Your Entrepreneurial Journey

10+1 workshops

Our 10+1 workshops are designed over a six month period,starting in the first week of November and concluding in April.

starting your journey

Where we start with finding a startup you want to build or problem you want to solve in the span of 6 months together we will try to build a sustainable product with a go to marketing strategy. 

curated assignments

Mentors will provide you with certain assignments and methods every week after the workshop so that you are constantly working towards your ultimate goal. 

24x7 access to mentors

You can reach out to the mentors anytime whenever you have a question or a doubt.

entrepreneurial mela

We are dedicated to hosting a Unilab fair at the end of April,providing a platform for our students to pitch their startup to potential investors and customers.

PG accommodation

empower and enrich

Unilabs offers an exciting range of workshops designed to empower and enrich your entrepreneurial skills. Dive into the worlds of Marketing and Sales, Leadership, Finance & Analytics, and General Management, honing essential abilities such as creativity, strategic thinking, and financial acumen. Our workshops are your gateway to real   world knowledge and hands on experiences that will shape you into a future ready professional.


FAIR TIMING: 12:00 PM – 5:00 PM

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2 Workshops

Unleash Your Entrepreneurial Dreams

Dive into the world of entrepreneurship
November 5th 2023

From Idea to solution

Transform your ideas into practical solutions November 19th 2023

1 Workshop

Building Your Holistic Product

 Learn the art of creating comprehensive products
December 3rd 2023

2 Workshops

Crafting Your Product

Hone your product development skills January 14th 2024

Financing Your Business

Explore the world of business finance
January 21st 2024

2 Workshops

Finalising Your Prototype

Take your product prototype to the next level February 4th 2024

Defining Your Brand

Establish a strong brand identity
February 18th 2024

3 Workshops

Developing Your Strategy

Create effective business strategies
March 3rd 2024

Mastering Sales and Marketing

Become a sales and marketing pro
March 10th 2024

The Power of Networking

Unlock the potential of networking
March 17th 2024

1 Pitch + fair

Presenting Your Business

Take your product prototype to the next level
April 7th 2024

Showcasing Your Ventures

Present your ventures to potential investors and mentors
April 14th 2024


We’ll provide you a chance to work not only with Uniliv, but with varied brands, start ups and impact driven institutions. You will get an exclusive opportunity to work real time and in office , closely with founders and gain in depth understanding of Functioning of Businesses / Brand Building.
Partnered Firms
Selection Procedure
The selection procedure consists of three phases

Application Forms​

Get inspiration from our drag-and-drop email templates.

Results: 26th Oct



The group discussion is from 10 am to 1 pm. Results will be announced at 2:30 pm, with interviews starting at 4 pm in Maple

Results: 26th Oct


Signing a Contract

UniLabs legally binds aspiring entrepreneurs. If you build a startup, UniLabs takes 7% of the company’s shares, providing resources like a CA, Legal Advisor, Mentorship, Funds, and a platform with Investors.

Counselling Support: Your well-being matters to us. If you ever feel overwhelmed or need someone to talk to during the workshop, our experienced counsellor, Ms. Anjali Bakshi, is available to provide guidance and support.


 For those who’ve undergone our rigorous selection process or previously worked with Uniliv, these workshops are entirely free.

 Uniliv residents who unfortunately didn’t get selected can also attend by paying 500 rupees per workshop. 

While our workshops are primarily designed for Uniliv Residents, we welcome outside participants eager to join our transformative journey at a nominal fee of 500 rupees per session. 

We aim to make quality education accessible to all who seek it.

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