Pg For Girls In South campus: Things To Keep In Mind In Terms Of Security

Pg For Girls In South campus: Things To Keep In Mind In Terms Of Security

It gets difficult when you have to decide to move away from home, especially to a city like Delhi. What do we not do when it comes on to living our dreams? But leaving home and family is the toughest part. Our Families also get worried about our safety. When you are a female on your own it gets even harder to find a safe and secure place to live. With so many places claiming that they are safe and secure pg for girls in South campus, it gets harder to believe.  To ensure that you and your families sleep peacefully at night. Uniliv lists 5 checks to perform before choosing a space for living.


When it comes to choosing a living space in Delhi, Location is of utmost importance. You most certainly need to choose a living space in a primarily residential area. The location should also be close to your college or place of work. If not, there should be an easy and accessible way of commutation for example if it’s a pg near Saket metro station, it’ll be easier for you to commute. It is also significant that you check the neighborhood for the crime rate.

Security Measures

You need to choose a space that provides security measures like CCTV Cameras and guards to keep a check. All our Uniliv homes have security guards active at our gates 24/7. Not only that our security cameras operate actively too. Security checks are also performed on the guards before ensuing their employment.

Emergency Preparedness: Pg For Girls In South campus

Emergencies can come anytime. Nature can act out or fires can spread but all that ultimately matters in those particular moments is how you react to it. Uniliv keeps their homes prepared for fire hazards, with smoke detectors and extinguishers everywhere. We also conduct natural calamity safety drills.

Background Checks

It is important that you stay at a place where people sharing space with you have a clean background. It is important to ensure the criminal record of people staying with you.

Cleanliness and hygiene: Pg For Girls In South campus

Health also becomes a genuine concern when it comes to safety and security. Choosing Uniliv ensures that the hygiene of your space is maintained and you’re secure from health diseases.

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Reputation and Reviews

You’ll find multiple answers if you ask someone about a pg for girls in south campus but it is significantly important that you believe in reputation and reviews more than random sayings from the owners. Uniliv’s reviews speak for themselves. We are trying to create a home away from home instead of just trying to earn money. We are trying hard to provide the best living experience to individuals.


Uniliv Homes proudly claim that they fulfill all these security checks. We care about your safety more than anything. To provide the best and most homely experience to our residents is our key objective. Uniliv cares about your security and privacy and assures you that experience at any cost.