Uniliv Maple a PG in South for female /s ,accelerating dreams

Uniliv Maple a PG in South for female /s ,accelerating dreams

It gets difficult for women to have their way, especially for the small-town girls. Born and brought up in the cacoon of care and love by their parents, it gets harder when the time comes to leave them. To be in a big city chasing dreams, dreams they can’t fulfill in those small towns due to lack of opportunities. You need a place that feels like home. You need something that is safe and secure. Uniliv Maple is that PG in south Delhi for female / s, that home that you need and require.


Ensuring Safety while letting you pursue your dreams

Uniliv understands that safety and security are of utmost priority when it comes to moving to a big city. Uniliv Maple is a safe space for all the beautiful women who move to fulfill their dreams. We have security guards employed to check who enters and leaves the place. We also have  24/7  CCTV surveillance that ensures your safety. Uniliv wants you to not worry and have a good night’s sleep and hence, we think all this is highly significant.

Fully Furnished

We clearly understand that after a long day of work, you need a decent place to crash. You don’t have to worry about that. We at Uniliv want you to have the best. Along with fully furnished rooms, we provide you with an attached balcony and washroom. It is what we want to deliver to you, comfort while you chase your goals.

Pg is South Delhi for female with food

We can’t beat the food that your mom makes but we can assure you one thing Our food is of the best quality. Unlike any pg/hostel that promises you good food but fails to deliver, we try to over-deliver. We here at Uniliiv Maple ensure the quality of our food, we use the best quality food. We provide 4 meals a day that are well-balanced and tasty.

Relaxing Spots, Pg for girls in South Delhi

At Uniliv Maple, we understand that it gets immensely stressful at times when you don’t know what to do and just want to take a break. For those times and in this digital era, we have built relaxing spots and a basketball court that allows you to get detoxified from all the time in front of those screens. Dreams and Goals are achieved through consistency and you do need a break to achieve that and balance it out.


We at Uniliv know what women of today seek. Understanding the needs of women is something that we excel in. We want to create a home away from home for you. Your dreams don’t stop for a time and hence, we don’t have any In-Time for residents over 18 years of age. Uniliv cares about your dreams, your aspirations, and your health. We would love it if you could your trust in our pg near Hauz Khas Metro Station, Uniliv Maple. We want to be a partner in making your dreams take flight. We want your dreams to come true.