How to choose the right location for your paying guest accommodation

How to choose the right location for your paying guest accommodation

Finding the correct lodging as a student or working professional can make or break your overall experience. Paying guest accommodations, sometimes known as PGs, have grown in popularity in recent years, particularly in locations with a strong student population. However, with so many alternatives available, selecting the best site for your PG can be difficult. In this blog post, we will go over some important variables to consider while deciding on a location for your paying guest accommodation.

Proximity to your workplace or educational institution:

One of the most critical factors to consider when choosing the right location for your PG is its proximity to your workplace or educational institution. You don’t want to spend hours commuting back and forth every day, as it can be time-consuming and tiring. Look for a location that is conveniently located near your workplace or institution, and has good connectivity to public transport.

Safety and Security:

Your first concern should be safety and security while selecting a PG site. Choose a site with a low crime rate, good lighting, and security features like CCTV cameras, security personnel, and safe access control systems.


The local amenities must be taken into account when selecting a PG location. Locate yourself close to grocery stores, restaurants, banks, hospitals, and other necessities. Check if there are nearby leisure amenities, such as parks, gyms, and theatres, as well as whether the location has adequate access to public transportation.


When selecting a PG site, your budget is an important consideration. Find a place that offers inexpensive lodging options without sacrificing quality or security. Don’t forget that certain places could have a greater cost of living than others, so shop around to find a place that won’t break the bank.

Gender-specific accommodation:

If you are a female or male student or working professional, you may prefer a gender-specific accommodation option for your comfort and privacy. Uniliv offers gender-specific PG accommodation options for both boys and girls, ensuring their safety and comfort.


It is also crucial to examine the security that the neighbourhood provides in terms of crime-free living. There should also be a police station nearby that is easily accessible. Furthermore, the PG should give adequate security features. Furthermore, it is critical that you carefully select your PG roommates.


Choosing the right location for your PG is crucial for a comfortable and enjoyable living experience. At Uniliv, we understand the importance of finding the right accommodation, and we offer affordable, safe, and comfortable paying guest accommodations for both boys and girls in prime locations. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you find the perfect PG accommodation for your needs.